World Heart Day to be observed globally on 29th September

An International Campaign, World Heart Day, is organized by The World Heart Foundation every year and is held on September 29.This event focuses on keeping people informed about cardiovascular diseases and promoting the measures which may reduce the risk of such diseases.

The World Heart Federation takes the initiative to celebrate this special day in more than 100 countries in its unique style.The components of celebration essentially includes Health checks.Sports events(walks, runs,fitness sessions etc),Public interaction sessions,Science conferences,Stage shows,Concerts and Exhibitions.World Health Organization(WHO),the health authority of United Nations,actively partners in organizing these events
World Heart Day is observed globally and is marked as an extreme important event by the health bodies as Cardiovascular diseases are increasing at an alarming rate which in turn leads to maximum death worldwide.Raised levels of blood pressure, cholesterol glucose,smoking,unhealthy diet,obesity,inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables are few factors that may lead to heart diseases and stroke.

World Heart Day is an initiative taken to increase awareness among people around the globe about heart diseases being the world’s leading cause of death and that it is highly important that we start understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Subtracting tobacco and addition of healthy diet and physical inactivity would assist in arresting premature deaths,at least 80 percent of which is caused cardiovascular diseases.World Heart Day started in 1999 and is held on the last Sunday of September every year.

Come Lets us take an oath this World Heart Day that we will free the world from cardiovascular diseases and the first step will begin at home.

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