This is not glass but wood: Scientists have made glass-like, transparent wood, 5 times stronger than glass to withstand heat; It will not shatter like glass

  • Researchers from the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado in the United States worked together to create this transparent wood.
  • The wood was made transparent using bleaching solution and polyvinyl alcohol

Scientists in the United States have developed an unbreakable wood that can replace glass in windows. It is made from the wood of the balsa tree. Scientists who make this wood claim that it is able to withstand 5 times more heat than glass.

It has been jointly prepared by the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado in the United States. Scientists say it will be an alternative to glass because the production of glass emits 25,000 tons of carbon, which is dangerous.

How scientists make transparent wood

The balsa tree is found in South and Central America. A team of scientists placed the wood of this tree in an oxidizing bath. This is a kind of bleaching solution. Doing this process destroys the element rather than absorbing light from the wood. After dipping each piece of wood in bleach, it began to appear across. It was then placed in a polyvinyl alcohol polymer, so that it was transformed into a fairly transparent wood. It was then cleaned.

This wood will not break like glass

Scientists say that this unbreakable wood will not break apart like glass, but will bend. This wood will prevent the energy waste of greenhouse gases. If its use is increased, the carbon emissions from glass production will decrease. This will mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

This led to the selection of Balsa (transparent wood)

Scientists say that the balsa was chosen to produce unbreakable wood because it absorbs more sunlight. So it develops quickly. Transparent wood has been produced before, but in the current experiment, it is the most transparent wood ever

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