Saint of America It’s a fact that unfavorable consequences gives birth to criminals and the story of Charles Manson, the most frightening chapter of American Crime History is no different.

Saint of America

The Serial Killer saint of America
The Serial Killer saint of America

Born as an illegitimate son of Kathleen Maddox, an alcoholic and prostitute, on November 12, 1934, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Charles had an extremely unusual and disturbing childhood.

Kathleen’s addiction and negligent behavior towards her husband William Eugene Manson, led to their divorce. She was later arrested for committing a fake hold up.

Affected by the circumstances,Manson lost his childhood charm.His violent behavior and involvement in crimes like stealing was his first step as a criminal.

At the age of 12,Manson committed his first notable crime of stealing money from a grocery store and this journey continued till it reached the heights – Serial Killing.

Manson served saint of America several years in prison for multiple crimes.

During this time he learnt playing guitar from a gangster.

After he was released from prison in 1968,he took a shop in California to establish his Manson Family.
Saint of America unusual charm and convincing quality helped attract young loners, runaways and the likes into his zone.

Many of his followers were young, white, middle-class, educated women, many of which felt either bored with or isolated from their real families.

This was how the Manson Family was born.
Saint of America followers later claimed that they obeyed Manson’s every word and did whatever he told them to do.

He ordered the women to perform household chores, coaxed them to perform sexual acts on each other, and took them dumpster diving as a way to scrounge for food.

Saint of America compelled the Family to believe that he was Jesus and give sermons to his group to talk about an impending race war between whites and blacks that he believed would soon erupt.

The Serial Killer saint of America told them that there would be bloodshed between the races while their “family” would go into hiding underground until the war ended.

Later, he told them, their clan would emerge as saviors to the Black race that had won the war. Manson named his deranged prophecy after the Beatles song.

Helter Skelter,whom he started listening and became obsessed with them.

The Serial Killer saint of America even believed his musical talent could make him bigger than The Beatles, if only he had a shot — which is precisely what he sought when he finally got out in 1967.

Meanwhile, his powers of persuasion and musical talent got him a shot with some of Hollywood’s music industry insiders, including Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys.

The Serial Killer saint of America

The nomadic cult even moved into Wilson’s home on Sunset Boulevard for several months at Wilson’s cost.

They partied, did drug (primarily LSD) and had sex without a care in the world while staying at Wilson’s.

Despite all of this, Wilson still liked Charles Manson and tried to get people, including record producer Terry Melcher, interested in Manson’s music.

Although nobody doubted that he had talent, Manson (a diagnosed schizophrenic) was far too mentally unstable to forge any sort of professional connections in the industry that could allow him to build a sustainable career.

When Wilson ultimately died in a drunken drowning accident in 1983, Manson believed it was karma: “Dennis Wilson was killed by my shadow because he took my music and changed the words from my soul.”

According to Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecuting attorney on the Manson murder case, Manson’s obsession with music and lack of success in the industry contributed to the 1969 murders that made him infamous.

The Serial Killer saint of America Manson reportedly became obsessed with the rich and the insiders who’d scorned him, calling them “pigs,” and deciding that they needed to suffer and die.

In August 1969, Manson reportedly summoned his followers and announced that it was time for Helter Skelter to begin.

The Serial Killer saint of America sent some of his most trusted devotees — Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Linda Kasabian, and Charles “Tex” Watson — to both commit homicides against Hollywood’s wealthy elite and try to frame black men for the crimes, thus initiating the race war Manson believed was coming.

The group perpetrated another set of murders the next night, allegedly upon a request from Manson again.

In the end, Manson was convicted as the brainwashing leader of the group, found guilty of murder, and sentenced to death, which was commuted to life imprisonment after California abandoned capital punishment soon after.

Charles Manson would spend the remainder of his life since behind bars before dying in prison on November 19, 2017 at age 83.

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