The history of World Smile Day, why people celebrate, what is the benefits of smiling

World Smile Day : Smile heartily as this smile will bring you out of stress and depression in the coronal period, it will also give you a long life

  • Smiling stretches muscles and changes emotions, which eliminates negativity.
  • World Smile Day, the 21st anniversary of Smiley Face, was created by American artist Harvey Ball in just 10 minutes.

Research says that when we laugh, the muscles in the face are stretched, the effect is felt up to the brain and we feel happy. The brain tells us to laugh more because of this. It starts to improve the health of the brain and makes the man feel lighter.

In the Corona period, Australian scientists have also advised smile. According to his research, laughing brings positive thoughts to the brain which work to bring energy to the body. Scientists in the research claim that, whenever the facial muscles are stretched, the emotions change, it works to eliminate the negativity.

Today is World Smile Day, let us know what a smile on your face changes your life on this day.

Lowers blood pressure, pain, tension, smile if you want to boost immunity

According to research, world smile day, laughter releases hormones like cortisol and endorphins in the body that control increased blood pressure. This reduces pain in the body. These reduces tension. This boosts the immune system to fight diseases and boosts immunity. Keeping blood pressure under control also reduces the risk of heart disease.

You live 7 years longer than you live

A study was conducted on the laughter of women in America. Research has shown the effect of a more natural and open hearted smile. Women who had a natural smile on their face were 7 years older than they were.

American researcher and psychologist Dr. A child will have about 400 times a day, says Paula Liadthal. An adult laughs 40 to 50 times a day and a person after the age of 50 laughs 20 times.

Now talk World Smile Danny

Massachusetts artist Harvey Ball created the world’s most talked about smiley face. It became a symbol of happiness. As the commercialization of Smile Face grew, Harvey Ball decided to name it one day. Thus the first Friday in October became World Smile Day.

World Smile Day was first celebrated in 1999, then every year. The World Smile Foundation was started in 1999 to help children put a smile on their face.

In this way a smiley face was created which became immortal in history

There was an insurance company in Massachusetts. It was called State Mutual Life Insurance. The company bought one more insurance company in Ohio. Employees were not happy with the merger. To boost employee morale, Mache State Mutual Life Insurance Company hired Harvey Ball as a freelance artist in 1963.

Harvey made a smiley face in 10 minutes. One of his eyes was small. This face brought a smile to the employee’s face. Harvey received 45 45 for it at the time. Its price today is 3000 rupees.

The most beautiful part of a smile person

World smile day :- A survey in the United States asked people about the most attractive part of the human body. Most of those surveyed responded with a smile. The eye was number two in it. 86% of women said they brush twice a day for a good smile and teeth, compared to 66% of men.

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