Taylor Swift, Folklore can create new record towards creating history

Famous American singer Taylor Swift always wins everyone’s hearts with her songs. His fans around the world always wait for Swift’s new songs. Meanwhile, his album ‘Folklore’, released a few days ago, is on the verge of creating new history.

Taylor Swift’s album ‘Folklore’ has been at number one on the Billboard 200 chart for the past five weeks. Last week, it sold nearly 38 thousand copies while more than 50 million people watched it on stream (Internet).

‘Folklore’ competes with Lil Baby’s album ‘My Turn’. The album was also at number one for five weeks. Now there is a tough fight between the two. People believe that Taylor Swift’s album will be successful in recording this history.

The Billboard 200 chart looks at the records of the week’s most popular albums in the US. Every singer wants his album to be on Billboard at the most.

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