Doing this will stop snoring forever

How to stop snoring

. Taking a sip of warm water before going to bed also helps to alleviate the problem of snoring

If you suffer from snoring problems in your sleep then you have to do many remedies along with weight loss. According to some experts, snoring can have many causes, the main one being overweight. A healthy person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) should be around 19 to 20. If the BMI is more than 25, it indicates overweight. These home remedies can work along with weight loss to eliminate the problem of snoring.

1.Ginger-honey tea
Drinking ginger-honey tea relieves stomach ache, cough, cold and some heart related problems. At the same time, its consumption can also reduce weight. It relaxes the throat and stops snoring. This tea can be consumed 2 times a day.

2.Consumption of garlic-onion
Consumption of garlic and onion reduces sore throat and swelling. It can also prevent sleep apnea. Include it in your meals. Although the effect will not be immediate, it will be beneficial in the long run.

3.Mint oil
Mint reduces inflammation of the throat and nasal passages. This will make it easier for you to breathe. Put a few drops of mint oil in the water. Rinse with this water before going to bed. Repeating this procedure will give you quick relief.

4.Fruit intake
The hormone melatonin helps for better sleep. This hormone also improves sleep quality. Pineapples, oranges and bananas have good melatonin content. It helps prevent snoring. So these fruits should be consumed every day.

5.Olive oil
Using vegetable oils increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The use of olive oil in the diet also helps in eliminating the problem of snoring. This can reduce the risk of heart related problems. Mix a few drops of olive oil in water and take it before going to bed. It relaxes the throat and nose.

6.Take a breath
As in the case of colds and coughs, sniffing gives relief. There is also relief in snoring. Snoring also occurs when the airways are not open, so snoring before going to bed is a good idea.

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