Sex addiction can be dangerous, ruin your life, know the experts opinion

sex addiction treatment

Sex is a topic on which we hesitate to communicate in public forums

or with experienced people.

Due to this reluctance, sex addiction has taken a serious form.

The world today like cigarettes, alcohol and gambling.

The severity of the condition can be gauged from the fact that.

the World Health Organization (WHO) has placed it in the category of psychiatry.

In the world, the situation will continue to be worrisome

due to the increasing cases of rape,

sexual assault and poaching of the youngest children.

Sex addiction also affects the brain’s ability to think badly.

the sufferer cannot understand anything day and night.

This is psychiatry, which needs to be treated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified

sex addiction as a category of psychiatry.

Sex addiction also affects the brain’s ability to think badly.

the sufferer cannot understand anything day and night.

This is psychiatry, which needs to be treated.

Until recently, the WHO’s International Statistical Classification of

Diseases and Related Problems (ICD10).

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) did not consider.

compulsive sexual behavior (compulsive sexual behavior) to

be a recognizable disorder.

The reason for this was that different people have different sex drives.

The situation is about to change

When the 11th edition of the ICD comes into existence in 2022.

it will define sexual addiction in such a way that

“in immoral sexual behavior,

a person cannot stop wanting to have sex.

this behavior will last for a long time

(six months or more).” ) Can also survive.

It will be detrimental to her personal, social, family, educational,

Workplace and other important matters.

“The ICD was presented to the World Health Assembly on May 11, 2019.

It states that a person in this condition is not satisfied even after having sex.

When sexual addiction has taken a serious form,

let’s talk about the symptoms to identify it and its treatment –

Symptoms of sex addiction

Like any other addiction, sexual addiction affects a patient’s thinking.

Without worrying about the outcome,

he now thinks about how to enjoy it more.

Keep in mind that both masturbation are healthy,

but sex addiction patients take it to the extreme.

where it begins to negatively affect their happiness & Health.

Here are some key features:

Sex becomes the main focus of a person’s life and all other work,

thoughts remain behind.

Attempts to get rid of the addiction failed.

Constantly engaging activity. Be aware of its side effects.

engage in it even after enduring it.

Taking risks that could ruin your personal and professional life.

Just for more fun.

Health care officials involved in psychiatry have not yet

put compulsory sexual behavior in any category,

as ICD 11 implementation is currently two years away. However,

when sexual aspirations begin to affect a person’s relationships,

life and family, he should seek medical help immediately.

Signs of sex addiction

The addict becomes a victim of masturbation, pornography or

any activity of cybersex.

By the way, none of this is harmful in a controlled condition.

Some of the main signs of sex addiction

Without multiple sexual partners or sexual relations and

any emotional attachment

  • Regular and unavoidable masturbation
  • Go to sex workers on a regular basis
  • Friends, stay away from work and only engage in cyber sex
  • Watching pornography becomes a compulsion
  • Risk of having unprotected sex

Sexual addiction makes sex addiction difficult to

control sexual desire. However,

she finds it difficult to form an emotional connection

With her sexual partner.

This is why sex addicts often feel guilty or ashamed after sexual activities.

Problems of sex addiction

No scientific reason is available, but the cause of

addiction can be many mental states.

Depression, loneliness, sadness or even happiness can make you

a victim of unavoidable sexual behavior.

The biggest problem is that you can get sexually transmitted diseases.

Feelings of guilt or shame associated with sexual addiction

can increase anxiety and frustration.

Your relationship with your loved ones can be strained

due to sexual addiction and sometimes it breaks down.

This can give you an emotional shock.

Diagnosis and treatment

The American Psychiatric Association ranks addiction to

decision-making, learning,

behavioral control and memory-altering conditions and c

onditions seen in brain scans.

However, due to lack of evidence, the psychological parameters of.

Addiction are not imposed to link sex addiction with mental illness.

ICD 11 states that if irregular sexual behavior lasts for more than

Six months, it can be considered a disease.

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