The best yoga for Sciatica pain relieve

The best yoga for Sciatica. Will relieve the pain of sciatica yoga, will also reduce fat

Sciatica Yoga will relieve the pain of sciatica, will also reduce fat is very beneficial for health. It also benefits from doing various Sciatica yoga in the room, throat, joint pain. Doing Yoga Sun also keeps your body posture good. Due to our changed lifestyle today, many kinds of problems are happening in our body. Sciatica yoga Pain is one such disease. Sciatica causes unbearable pain in the legs. And the patient also has difficulty walking. The sciatica is a nerve. In which the pain starts with swelling or stretching. Sciatica Yoga can help you to reduce this pain.


This Sciatica yoga is also called cobra pose. This Sciatica yoga not only relieves the pain of Sciatica yoga but also proves to be effective in reducing belly fat. For this, keep the distance between both the legs short so that you can sleep on your stomach. Take a deep breath and lift your body up. Keep your elbows in a straight line with the body. Stretch the legs. And raise your head as high as you can. Do this 3 to 4 times.

Lie on your back on a flat ground to do apanasana Sciatica yoga. Then bend my legs as shown in the picture. Exhale and try to bring the legs towards the chest and hold the legs with both hands as shown in the picture. Be careful that the shoulders do not rise above the ground. And take a deep breath and return to normal.

Downward Dog Sciatica yoga-

Place both hands and feet on the ground as shown in the photo. And raise the body above the waist. Doing so will feel cramps in the legs, arms. Keep the head down. The legs should be in a straight line from the hips. Stay in this position for a while.

Dormant Padangushthasana-

This Sciatica yoga gives great relief in the problem of sciatica. To do this, lie down with both legs spread. Raise one leg. Then take a garment that is longer. Then hold the cloth tightly in your feet with your hands. And stretch the legs slowly. Keep the legs straight and do not bend at the knees. There will be benefits to doing so. However, let this be if the pain increases than any yoga. Gradually increase its time. Also, before practicing the above Sciatica yoga, do it with the proper advice of a doctor and yoga teacher.

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