Resident Allan start again in season 2

Browncoats! Serenity’s two crew members recently reunited in Episode 7 of SYFY resident Alien.

Did you happen to catch it? It was easy to spot Alan Tudic because … well, that’s Alan Tudik. The other firefly alum, however, was completely hidden.

Need a hint? He had eight tentacles and lived in a tank in a sushi joint in Patience, Colorado.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Malcolm Reynolds himself is the one who shared the chat with Octopus or Harry.

During a phone interview with SYFY WIRE on Tuesday afternoon, producer / performer Chris Christine made it clear that the cameo role was the idea of ​​all Tudic.

Resident alien conversation

“I went to see Allen to see if he was doing something else.

“” And then, I think, in those conversations, he suggested to Nathan Filian, who, of course.

we thought was a pretty good idea and we asked him if he thought he’d get a chance to get in touch with him and if he wanted to.

” We chose to try these two people together again in this small, bad way. “

“We got Nathan, and he was in it … like everyone does these days, at the time he recorded from home.”

Announced this part and some real funny things. It’s a really weird role and I think Nathan was just crazy about it. “

In the world of the resident alien, Harry’s people share a genetic link with the Earth’s closed octopus, but the common ancestor (perhaps Cthulhu?)

Who makes them cousins ​​is never revealed.

It’s a very Douglas Add Dums-wa Touch shellac in the hit show on the second level of fantastic and surrealistic comedy.

Very long, and thanks you for all the fish!

Ancient Aliens Scholar Giorgio A. Soucolos, Resident Alien Episode 9,

“Welcome Aliens,” featuring a special guest spot for SYFY’s premiere tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 24) at 10 p.m. EST.

The final, “Heroes of Patience” airs next week (Wednesday, March 31) at the same time. The second season is already green.

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