How to apply paint protection film, any old and new cars

If you are worried about the color of the car being blown away, paint protection film can be applied, the color will be safe for a long time and if there is a scratch, it will heal itself.

  • Brand-to-brand thickness ranges from 180 microns to 300 microns, the expert said.
  • This is a strong layer of plastic, which can withstand any kind of scratch

” Everyone wants to save their car. If even a small scratch falls on the car, we get worried. Often some mischievous elements intentionally scratch the car. So when the key is scratched by some sharp object and often the bikers who are driving the rash keep on scratching the vehicle.

” In this case, if you are worried about losing the color of your car and want to keep it beautiful and lasting for a long time, you can apply paint protection film. To know its advantages and disadvantages, we talked to expert, who shared important information about paint protection film coating with us.

What is paint protection film and why should it be applied?

Paint protection film stands for Paint Protection Film. Experts say that paint protection film is the best solution for people who are worried about losing color by keeping their car in the sun. Its thickness is much higher than ceramic coating.

Brand to brand its thickness ranges from 180 microns to 300 microns, while ceramic thickness is one third. Along with this the ceramic coating is liquid. Frequent car washing in such a situation can be avoided, while PPF has a plastic layer that does not make any difference to car washing. Applying this removes the tension of scratches in the car and also makes the color of the car shine.

Should it be done in a new car or also in an old car?

Having a new car does not necessarily damage its color. The temperature in India is rising day by day. So, whether the car is new or old, there is a risk of color fading. Especially a car that is dark fades quickly. Also, some brands of vehicles do not have good quality color. So, it seems to fade after a while.

PPF should be done by every car owner because if the color fades after buying a car worth 20224.083 US Dollar, that investment becomes useless. The cost of applying PPF is the same as the cost of painting per panel. For example, a scratch on a car door will cost you as much as a paint protection film installation if you make a payment in a showroom.

If there is any scratch after applying this, paint protection film will tolerate it and keep the original pants safe. What is special is that if paint protection film is applied on a dark color, its shining increases two to three times.

How to apply paint protection film and how long does it take?
It takes about 2 to 3 days to apply PPF as items like car door handles, side mirrors, cladding, badges etc. are removed first. Paint protection film is also done on headlight-taillights in many vehicles. But the lights of many cars are very zigzag so it can’t be filmed. However, paint protection film is never applied to door handles.
The whole process of paint protection film is as follows

Deep Cleaning: Any vehicle is thoroughly washed at least once or twice before paint protection film. Also, special care is taken to ensure that any type of dirt remains on the vehicle. Especially the corners of the car are kept cleanest.

C laying :-

After washing the car goes through the clearing process. In this process, the clay is typically rubbed on the body of the car with a lubricant, which removes a small amount of dirt. This makes the surface clearer. This process is done by wearing clay gloves.

Compounding :-

The surface is compounded after washing and cleaning. Seamarks and hair line scratches lying on its surface are removed. Swell marks especially occur when cleaning vehicles with a cloth, which is round and is more common in black and red colored vehicles.

Compounding is done to clear it. Different grades of compounds are used as per scratch. Compounding is done with dual action polisher. Its motor works 4-way i.e. up-down and left-right.


Finally, IPA is done to spotless the surface. For this IPA is done to spotless the profile, which spotless the polish on the surface during compounding. So, paint protection film sticks well on the surface.

Start the paint protection film process

The PPF process begins after the IPA. Before applying PPF on the vehicle, a Soapy solution is sprayed on the entire PPF and the same solution is also sprayed on the body of the vehicle. The PPF is then applied to the surface and the water is squeezed out.

This whole process is like filming on glass. This process is done in a closed room, where dust is unlikely to appear. It is advisable to apply ceramic coating where PPF is not possible. This whole process takes three days, depending on the size of the vehicle. After applying PPF, it is also necessary to give enough time to dry.

How much does paint protection film cost?

There are two types of PPF in the market. The first gloss, with the option of self-healing and non-self-healing. The second mat, it also offers the option of self-healing and non-self-healing. Matt is the best for people who want to change the color of their car to give it a new look.

it is exported from various countries. The price of PPF varies by brand. Bills, lot numbers and warranty cards are also provided along with brand PPF.

The cost of branded self-healing PPF (for tesla size cars) ranges from Rs 876.377 US Dollar to 1820.167 US Dollar, depending on the size of the car and the PPF brand. The cost of non-self-healing PPF ranges from 471.895 US Dollar to 674.136 US Dollar.

Note: Non-branded PPF starts to turn yellow after a while. This yellow color is especially noticeable on white cars. Therefore, always wear branded PPF and be sure to ask the shopkeeper for the bill, lot number and warranty card. Branded PPF has no problem. The customer can also apply PPF on different parts as per his requirement.

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