The Biggest Organic Vegetables Greenhouse Rooftop in Canada

World of Organic Vegetables: Canada has the world’s largest rooftop greenhouse, with over 100 varieties of organic vegetables and herbs.

This is the largest rooftop greenhouse in the world. Made in the Canadian city of Montreal, it has just been inaugurated.

Organic vegetables are grown here. Lufa Farm, a greenhouse manufacturer, says the vegetables grown here are given to locals at a reasonable price.

This rooftop greenhouse is built in 15 thousand square meters, which is equal to 2 football grounds. The company first built such a greenhouse in 2011.

So far the company has built eight greenhouses in New York, Chicago and Denver. Plans are afoot to build this type of greenhouse in Paris.

Organic vegetables and herbs

More than 100 types of vegetables and herbs are grown in hydroponic containers. There are coconuts all around the container.

Containers contain liquid nutrients. It nourishes and develops vegetables and herbs.

Lufa Farm was started in 2009 by Lebanese-born Mohamed Hayes and his wife, Lauren Rethmel.

Their goal was to re-invent the food system. These vegetables are grown without any chemicals.

Vegetables are delivered to 20,000 families every week. The company sells greenhouse vegetables online.

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