Natural foundation, no fear of infection or allergy, 100% guarantee

Homemade Beauty Products: Make a natural foundation at home, mix cinnamon powder in these items and prepare in minutes

Natural can be prepared from the home kitchen to protect the skin from chemicals. We are telling you, 100% natural way to prepare your foundation at home. It also takes less time to build a foundation this way. Even if you keep it on the skin for a long time, there is no fear of infection or allergy.

natural foundation Content:

3 tablespoons cornflour, half a teaspoon of cocoa powder or red clay and freshly ground cinnamon powder.

Be aware of:

Cinnamon powder gives the skin a golden touch, so it is optional. If you have dark skin, you can take more cocoa powder and if you have light skin, you can use less cocoa powder. Along with these items a pot will also be needed to store the foundation.

How to create:

Take cornflour in a pot. Add cocoa and cinnamon powder. Mix each item using a teaspoon. Stir until the mixture is soft. Homemade foundation ready.

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