Mulan 2020 Movie:

‘Mulan’ caught in controversy after release, due to which the film is being boycotted

Disney’s much awaited film ‘Mulan’ 2020 is being boycotted these days. The film is being boycotted due to shooting in China’s Xinjiang region and special thanks to the government here. Significantly, some scenes from the film ‘Mulan’ have been shot in Xinjiang. This is the autonomous region of China, where Uygar Muslims are largely under house arrest.

The film tells the story of a great Chinese woman warrior who has already been in controversy since its release. The first political controversy over ‘Mulan’ occurred when the film’s actress, Liu Yifei, supported the Hong Kong police last year. Which last year the police tried to stop the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

The film ‘Mulan’ has recently been released on the OTT platform. The new controversy regarding this film is when the OTT platform thanked the eight governments in the special thanks for the film Mulan. The name of Xinjiang is also included in these eight governments. An area in the far west of Xinjiang, China that is home to Uygar Muslims. The predominantly Muslim, Ottoman-speaking ethnic minorities have lived in the region for years under rapid surveillance and repression. Not only this, the OTT platform has also thanked a unit of the propaganda department of the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang in ‘Special Thanks’.

Let us tell you that many times news has been heard about human rights violation in Xinjiang and exploitation of the Uygar community there. In such a situation, apart from the audience, many intellectuals are boycotting the film ‘Mulan’ on behalf of the OTT platform, giving special thanks to the government of Xinjiang. Many intellectuals have also criticized the OTT for doing so. Let us tell you that ‘Mulan’ is the story of a Chinese woman warrior who is directed by Nikki Caro under the Walt Disney Pictures Production Company.

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