Military Strength: USA VS North Korea

Who is super power military strength usa vs north korea

Comparing the Military Powers of the enemies for decades, the United States and North Korea is strenuous. We know for sure that US military strength outmatches that of Korea.

However, this does not imply that the outcome of any clash between the Super powers would be easy to guess

Ranking authority of 133 nation’s military strength The Global Firework Index has ranked the U.S. number one,

While North Korea was positioned as 23rd. Manpower, diversity of weapons, geographical factors, local industries are some amongst the 50 factors on which the ranking depends.

The USA outmatches North Korea in terms of airpower and nuclear warheads whereas Korea reciprocates.

the strength in terms of active duty and.chemical and biological weapon stockpiles Major challenge of North Korea.

The U. S’s easy win in war with North Korea is disagreed by many experts. However,

North Korea’s major drawbacks of that of outdated technology and extremely malnourished soldiers cannot be ignored.

To conclude, no matters how strong the contenders are, Wars are never good as millions could die in the process,

including hundreds of thousands of military personnel as well as civilians

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