‘Little India’ or ‘Mini India’ of New York is truly Indigenous

Walking through the streets of some part New York , we would come across multiple languages spoken,variety of attires, different music, religion and culture which in turn is majorly represented by food of different variants and origins.Traces can be seen of the Hindu, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Christianity all within a relatively small area. Gujarati Garba to Bhangra beats can be heard while respective festivals are celebrated

New York’s ‘Little India’ is one such place which is rich in diverse cultures. Though this area is better known as ‘Little India’, you will also find the presence of that of Nepali, Tibetan, Afghani, and Burmese apart from a small portion of Indians .Little India’s cultural richness can be perceived when dived in. The main shops in this area would serve Indian, Bengali, and Pakistani food.There are a lot of Punjabi people residing here thus the shops keeps Punjabi foods too to satisfy the Punjabi taste .

Amongst many,Jackson Heights happens to be a renowned place with exemplary exposure to the different cultures located within it. There are a lot of cultural differences in the area and different communities have built up their restaurants in the area which has eased the lives of most of the visitors as they easily find delicacies that suits their palate.

and as you might imagine, it is difficult to go wrong with respect to food in the neighborhood.

Most of these groups have established restaurants in the area so most visitors to the neighborhood will have no trouble finding something that suits their palate. The food is distinctive. Whether its just a tea time or crave for a meal, you will never be disappointed. You will find all varieties and delicacies.You will  definitely experience the true magic and taste of India‘.

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