Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom baby girl daughter name revealed

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom gave birth to daughter, name also revealed

There has been a lot of good news for fans of the famous American singer Katy Perry. Katie and her fiancé Orlando Bloom have become parents. The singer has given birth to a lovely daughter.

Katy Perry revealed her daughter name

Katy Perry has also revealed the name of her newborn daughter. Together, the two have named this girl Daisy Dow Bloom. Katie revealed this through social media and expressed her happiness.

Katy Perry has also shared a picture of her newborn daughter on Instagram. Katy Perry, Blue and Daisy’s hands are seen in it. Thousands of people are commenting on this picture of Katy Perry and congratulating her.

Katy Perry, sharing this good news with her fans, wrote, ‘Welcome to the world Daisy do Bloom. We are very happy to welcome you. We are very happy with your healthy and safe arrival. We know that we are very lucky because not everyone gets the pleasure of giving birth to a child in such a peaceful way like us. ‘

Katy Perry further wrote, ‘Most of the world’s labor communities are still facing a lack of healthcare and a pregnant woman or newborn dies every eleven seconds. All this is happening due to lack of resources. More newborns are at risk since Kovid-19 because of the lack of access to water, soap, vaccines and medicines that prevent diseases. As a parent of a child, it breaks our heart. ‘

Katy Perry Singer is a songwriter, musician and stage performer. Katy Perry is the third most followed celebrity on Twitter since July 2019, with 108.4 million followers. Katie is also a social worker. She works for fagot people.

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