Justin Bieber, new song Holi out now. The Holi song was released on September 18.

“Holy” song is emotion-laden celebration of faith and hope. His lyrics are also very good. “When you hold me, hold me, hold me / Feels so holy.”

The short film debuted justin bieber and was directed by Colin Tilley, starring Wilmer Valderrama (“NCIS”) and Ryan Destiny (“Star”). Also in this video.


“Holy” marked the beginning of a “new era, “Bieber said on Twitter. Chances are rapper Holi Song which has started getting a very good response. Many of his reaction videos have also been posted on YouTube.

Holy ft. The Chance The Rapper song has received 22 million views so far since its release on YouTube. And over 150,000 comments

If you haven’t heard of this song, you can watch it on Justin Bieber’s official YouTube channel. bieber has 57 million subscribers and 147 million followers on Instagram.

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