iphone overheating problem solutions, instant cool down

Troubled by iphone overheating problem? Lower the temperature by 5 times using a cooling device; Learn how this device works

  • When charging the iphone four hours and playing a call or game while charging, the phone gets hot
  • Heating problems also occur when the software is not updated or the memory is full

If you play games on a smartphone four hours, the iphone overheating gets hot and the battery of the phone may overflow.

There are some apps available to cool down the phone, but they are not as effective.

Because these apps control the phone’s junk file and background apps. Instead the phone cooling fan proves to be effective.

First understand why the phone gets hot. The reasons are as follows …

  • Charging the phone for hours
  • Calling or gaming while charging
  • Playing an online game
  • On keeping the hotspot on for several hours
  • Always keep Bluetooth and WiFi on

Apart from this, not updating the software, the phone’s memory is full, continuous live streaming and online music as well as the battery is getting old, the phone also hits.

The temperature of the iphone should be up to 32 degrees Celsius

According to the phone expert, the normal temperature of the phone should be between 20 and 32 degrees Celsius.

Higher temperatures make the phone warmer.

The damage is done to the phone. The heating problem can be solved with the help of cooling fan.

Cooling fan

A cooling fan is a device with a small fan attached.

This device is fixed to the back side of the smartphone.

It has a power cable, which is connected to the USB port to power.

This fan lowers the temperature of the phone 5 times in 30 seconds. It works on both Android and iOS.

Cooling fan cost

The price of this device starts from approx 13.4 USD The price of the model varies according to the company.

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