Identify depressed people near you with these symptoms

How to Identify depressed people near you with these symptoms

Why is it difficult to identify people with depression?

People Often he moves around like a normal man,
He goes to work. Seen smiling all day,
Feels very tired after returning home. Also goes to sleep early.

” Experts say that people in the depression zone talk very little, live alone and sad. A person living in depression thinks that there is nothing I can do in life, my future is nothing.

” Depression is being discussed in the country after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Everyone wants to know what depression is. What are its symptoms? How to find out if someone is depressed? Why doesn’t anyone talk about depression zone?

” There are so many questions that come to mind every day. Depression is very easy to diagnose, experts say. The problem is that people don’t want to talk about it. So today we are talking about depression zone. So, you can easily understand and recognize everything about it. Psychologist and counselor Dr is answering every question about depression.

What are the symptoms of depression?

1- Don’t feel the mind in work.
2- Do not enjoy
3- Be frustrated every time
4- Not to be happy in personal and professional life
5- Crying for hours without a reason
6- Talking depressingly
7- Blame yourself for everything
8- To think that there is nothing I can do in life
9- Appearance of no future
10- Failing oneself in everything
11- Seeing defects in one’s self
12- Don’t be happy from inside

. How to know if someone is depressed

1- From words
2- From thoughts
3- From the transaction
4- Body language
5- From being alone
6- Talking less with people

  • How to know if someone is depressed

Note _ Often such people become very judgmental. Their level of sensitivity also increases. Such individuals also inflict physical pain on themselves.

* Why there is a problem in sharing something with someone about depression.

1- People will judge
2- Will think negatively about me
3- Will create my negative image
4- Will find my flaws
5- Will misuse me
6- My future will be ruined
7- Can demean me
8- It can hurt me

What type of text message does a person living in depression write?

1- Can always share only negative things
2- Every thing can be considered a defect
3- He will say that this happened to me
4- I don’t see any hope
5- Old thing s can remember
6- Can talk sad
7- Can write a negative comment

Why is it important to know about depression?

Doctor says that the mood of a person living in a depression zone is gone, negative things are always going on in his mind. He does not see anything positive for the future. Therefore, it is very important to know about depression because, unless you know about it, you cannot get out of it.

When negative thoughts are running through our minds, everything seems to have a problem. Nowhere seems to be a compromise. Every work looks bad, every person has flaws. The solution or compromise does not appear. Also, if you are positive you find compromise in everything, you find something good in every person. You want to solve problems and think about good things.

Dr. According to, the symptoms of negativity in depression cause the person to become pessimistic. He does not see a better future in his life. He often feels that the people around him do not understand him. No one thinks anything good about it. He has none. Everyone thinks negatively about it. Everyone finds fault with it.

What kind of behavior can a person living with depression deal with?

“People who live in a depression zone never trust anyone,” says Dr.
Always looking for flaws in someone else’s behavior.

People living in depression also think about what people will say. Therefore, even such people do not share anything with anyone.

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