Tech giant Google’s Grow with Google courses Initiative is very popular. This initiative is beneficial for those who want to make a career in technology. Certificate google courses for skill development can be done on this platform and no degree is required for it. Google offers a range of 6-month certificate courses.

Some google courses are listed on Google coursera. Some of the google courses are available and some will be started in the coming days. The special thing about this course is that you don’t need any experience or degree to get involved in it.

Google courses IT Support Professional Certificate
Google has released a list of 5 certificate courses. The certificate of this course is beneficial for getting an early stage job in IT field. However Google also charges a fee for this course. Many skills will be taught in the course through video lectures, quizzes and hands on labs as well as visits. These courses are listed on Google coursera.

Data Analyst
The google courses data analyst, prepares, processes and analyzes the data to get the required insights. This analysis is shared with the stakeholders, and they cast their vote. According to Google, the course builds students’ confidence to work through a variety of tools and platforms.

Project manager
The project manager is responsible for planning and executing various projects. His responsibility is how to benefit the business while preserving the quality of the project. Google courses focuses on traditional project management as well as the insights in this field.

UX Designer
UX (User Experience) Designers make the technology easy and interesting for the user. Their job is to make a variety of products and interfaces useful. According to Google, the certificate google courses also teaches the learner UX design, low-fidelity design and wire frame building, high fidelity prototypes creation and testing.

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