Google has attached its google voice assistant AI system with Android apps, now these apps will work with voice command.

  • Google has added this feature to the top 30 apps on the Play Store
  • Shortcut words for common tasks can also be created using Assistant

Tech giant Google has teamed up with Android apps to make its voice assistant system more user-friendly. Apps can now be accessed only with voice commands.

The company said that by saying ‘Hey Google’, not only apps can be opened but also the work of apps can be done. Google has added this feature to the top 30 apps on the Play Store.

It is available globally in English. Other apps will be added soon. The company has started rolling out this feature. Google has added 2 new sounds and used a good prosody model to make its sound more natural.


This can be done with voice commands

Integrated Google voice Assistant with Android app. This means that by giving google voice commands, songs can be listened to, posted on social media, food can be ordered and many things can be done including cab booking. Shortcut words for general work can now also be customized using the Assistant.

The google voice assistant AI will be made more useful

  • Adam Coimbra, Google’s product manager, said that people can now access many things in apps without having to open and search for them. We want to enable that work with Google voice commands. You can hear samples of 2 new natural sounds, which have been added to Google Assistant.
  • The company has introduced these new features during Google voice Assistant Developers Day. The company said it wants to make Android and apps more user-friendly. The new app Action Built-in Intent will help Android developers to easily integrate Google Assistant with the app. This will allow the user to easily discover and engage with the Android app.
  • With Google, voice commands can be used to check news on Twitter, find playlists on Spotify, start jogging with Nike Run Club, send a message to someone on Discord, and open a celeb’s story on Snapchat.

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