Here is What to you have to do to get paid google courses on coursera for free with certificate in 2020. You can either audit the google courses on coursera or apply for a financial aid, and I explain how the financial aid application process works on coursera in depth, step by step!

Another method by which you can get free courses on Coursera, is by asking your college admin to mail coursera to let the college students access the courses during this period of lockdown and work from home in 2020 and in a week or so, coursera will allow you to take a lot of the courses for free with certificates.

This is the method I used to get 2 certificates in the last month. So this definitely works!

Some courses are listed on Google coursera. Some of the courses are available and some will be started in the coming days. The special thing about this course is that you don’t need any experience or degree to get involved in it.

credits – ishan sharma youtuber

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