Facial for glowing skin, The Basic Steps of a professional Facial

This facial will make your skin smooth and radiant.

Currently, many housewives prefer to do facials and waxes at home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19, coronavirus). So if you want to get a glow like a beauty parlor sitting at home, you can try this facial treatment at home.

It will have to do facials only with the help of kitchen items and it will also give you a glow like market facials. At the same time your skin will become smooth and radiant. So do the following facial for this.

First clean the face thoroughly with water. Then tie the hair. Apply raw milk on the face with a brush. And wait 5 to 10 minutes for this raw milk to dry. After that, if you massage lightly on the face, all the dirt on the face will come out.

Then apply salt and coconut oil on the face where there are black heads like nose, beard and forehead area. Take 3-4 drops of coconut oil in 1 teaspoon of salt. And use it on the face as a scrubber. And remove blackheads.

Then crush the banana and apply it on the face and let it dry for 7 minutes. Then give a light massage for 2-3 minutes and wipe the face thoroughly with tissue paper and water.

Then squeeze the juice out of the raw potatoes into the mix. Mix like a teaspoon of aloe Vera in this potato juice. And apply this mixture on the face. And after 10 minutes, when it is dry, clean it. After cleaning your face with water, you will see that your face will look like the expensive facial of the market.

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