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Coronavirus news in Britain will be unlocked from Monday, Boris Johnson will be drinking beer at the pub; 3 crore people were vaccinated

In the second phase, shops, gyms, zoos and personal care services will be started

Coronavirus News of relief is coming in the midst of the Corona epidemic. Britain is now preparing for a slowdown in the lockdown. The majority of the population in Britain has now been vaccinated and this has made it possible to delay lockdowns. Britain has been opening a personal care service since Monday and Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself is set to go to a pub on Monday to have a beer.

More than 30 million people in Britain have been vaccinated

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The British prime minister said he was going to the pub himself on April 12. “We are also going to increase the number of people coming and going in the house from one to two,” he said. So that people can meet their own people.

Jones congratulated the people of the country for their patience and said that more than 30 million people in the country have been vaccinated because of the efforts of each of these people.

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However, he appealed to the people not to worry and get vaccinated as soon as possible and get tested if they have any symptoms.

“We’re seeing a lot of countries battling the second wave of the Corona,” Jones said. As we have seen, this is how it starts. The vaccine may provide protection against corona. So we appeal to you to get vaccinated as soon as it is your turn.

Britain prepares to delay lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the start of the second phase of Unlock from next week. According to government data, every 4 tests have been completed in the country to delay the lockdown and there is currently no reason to increase the lockdown.

According to Johns, the second phase will see the resumption of shops, gyms, zoos and personal care services, such as hairdressers, beer garders and similar outdoor hospitals. “Given your efforts and the efforts of the vaccination drive, we will begin the second phase of the roadmap on Monday, April 12,” Johnson said at a press conference.

The British prime minister said he would go to the pub himself on April 12. We can increase the number of people coming and going from 1 to 2. So that people can meet their personal people.

The entry of Jairino into Mecca-Medina will start from the beginning of Ramadan this year. Saudi Arabia has decided that only those who have taken the corona vaccine or have beaten the corona once infected have been admitted. According to the news agency AFP, people who have received a single dose of the vaccine can be admitted here after 14 days of quarantine. Similar guidelines will have to be followed in Medina as well.

The coronavirus news epidemic did not result in a pilgrimage

All religious sites around the world were closed last year as a result of the coronavirus news Corona epidemic. Umrah was banned by the Saudi government on February 27 last year. Umrah is similar to Hajj, but the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in a certain Islamic month is called Hajj. The government sealed every border to prevent an epidemic.

A total of 4.68 lakh cases came into the world yesterday

Coronavirus news Corona cases are growing very fast all over the world. In the last 24 hours, 4.68 lakh people around the world have reported positive corona. Meanwhile, 7,255 people have been killed. The highest number of cases are being reported daily in India. On Monday, 96,557 cases were reported in India. This was followed by 50,329 patients in the US and 42,551 in Turkey. Brazil ranks fourth with 38,233 new cases. 31,359 cases were reported here on Sunday.

13.24 crore people infected so far

So far, 13.24 crore people in the world have been infected with the virus. Of these, 10.66 crore people have recovered, while 28.73 lakh patients have died. Of the 2.27 crore patients undergoing treatment, 98,332 are in critical condition.

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