Walt Disney said- 28 thousand employees will be laid off, the coronavirus situation is very difficult

  • More than corona virus 10.12 million people have died in the world, more than 2.46 billion people have recovered
  • In the United States, 74.06 million people have been infected, more than 2.10 million have lost their lives

The number of Corona virus cases in the world has reached more than 388 million. While the number of people recovering from corona virus is more than 2 crore 51 lakh 45 thousand 067. The death toll has crossed 10.12 lakh. These statistics are according to worldometer. The Walt Disney Company said in a statement released Tuesday night that its business has been hit hard by the low turnout at the theme park. The company said it would lay off 28,000 employees. Cases are growing rapidly in the second wave of transition in France.

What Walt Disney said

According to The Guardian, the Walt Disney Company is set to lay off 28,000 employees in the theme park business sector. According to the company, the number of visitors to its theme park has dropped dramatically. The cause is an epidemic. Because of this, the company has had to take this difficult decision. “You can imagine how difficult this decision is for us as a company,” said Jose DMro, a company official. For months our management has been trying to save people’s jobs. We have taken steps in this regard. TP has also had to make this decision. The company has opened theme parks in Florida, Paris, Shanghai, Japan and Hong Kong, but the number of visitors has dropped dramatically. Both parks in California are still closed.

Spain: We will stop the transition at any cost corona virus

The Spanish government has made it clear that it will take all possible measures to stem the tide of transition. The government’s statement came a day after the Madrid Local Administration issued a statement. In which it is said that the trade coming on the track may be damaged again. Corona cases are on the rise in European countries, and especially in neighboring France, the health ministry said on Monday. However, the government will have to take strict action. It is also learned that the Spanish government is also considering closing the border. However, the government has denied the allegations.

South Korea: Government says corona virus social distance is necessary

On Monday, 39 new cases were reported in South Korea. However there has also been a slight decline in corona virus cases. Despite this, the government said that social distance should be strictly adhered to. According to a Reuters report, millions of people plan to travel during the holidays. This can lead to an epidemic. There are 23,699 cases in the country, and 407 people have died.

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