Charging cable magnetic for iPhone, Apple Watch and android

Useful gadget: Troubled by a traditional charging cable? Find out the features of Charging cable magnetic with automatic connection costing less than 2.50 USD

  • The cable comes with 3 connectors, with mini USB, Type-C and micro port options.
  • The round head of the cable has a magnet attached, it also has an LED light

If your phone is discharged while driving, you may need to enlist the help of a person sitting next to you to connect your phone to the car’s charger with a conventional cable, or there may be a risk of an accident while driving. Instead you can also use a magnetic charging cable to become tech savvy.

Magnetic cable is a good option if you spend most of your time traveling and in the meantime you have to charge the phone. This cable automatically connects to the phone. Its price is also within your budget.

What is a Charging cable magnetic?

Look Wise It looks just like a normal charging cable. The distance is only to its connector. It also has 2 part connectors. The first car connects to the charger and the second phone connects to the charging port. The second connector of the magnetic charging cable is slightly different. It comes in a round shape, with only a magnet attached. The connector has the option of mini USB, Type-C and micro port.

How does a magnetic cable work?

  • The USB connector of the magnetic cable has to be connected to a car charger, laptop, power bank or mobile adapter.
  • It has to be brought to the connector in the phone. As the cable approaches, the head automatically fits over the connector in the phone and starts charging.
  • His grip is quite strong.
  • The special feature of this cable is that it can be connected without stopping the car while driving and saves your time.
  • It can charge not only mobile phones but all types of gadgets.

Cost of magnetic cable

A wide range of magnetic charging cables are available on the e-commerce site. It is available on amazon with a starting price of 2.50 USD. Its price may vary according to brand and quality.

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