A truly unique creation tattooed bakers: unbelievably made a carousel cake in 4 days

Unique Creation of tattooed bakers: Richard Amon and Eddie Lebeau from London made a carousel cake in 4 days

  • Tattoo Bakers ’cake portfolio is impressive. It includes a ship, a multi-tier wedding cake
  • The cake is so elaborately decorated that many people think of it as a toy or an art piece.

Richard Amon and Eddie Lebeau are well known names in the world of food art in London. If you show this couple any photo or design, they will make the same cake with their own art. So you may have seen and eaten cakes with different designs of flavors, but you will be surprised to see cakes in the shape of swings or carousels that such cakes are also made. You can imagine how hard it must have been to build it.

Eddie Lebeau and Richard Amo, two food artists from London’s famous Cake Gallery, Tattoo Bakers, have created such a carousel cake after about four days of hard work. The couple specializes in making cakes with this type of design.

Seeing him, it seems as if he has crossed all the boundaries of foot art and made this cake to show the world that he can make a cake of any shape. According to this food art studio, the carousel, movable cake made by the couple is by far the most impressive design.

Cakes like tattooed bakers are rarely found anywhere, he claims. According to Eddie Lebeau, this beautiful cake is made in such a way that it moves like a merry-go-round for visual effects. It takes us hours to make a cake with such a difficult design. But our hard work is visible and customers are happy too.


Their sea-shaped elephants, cartoon characters, lions, towers, doll-like dolls and architectural cakes are so meticulously decorated that many people see them as toys or art pieces.

The London couple has also made a human-sized cake. The couple received the Cake Masters Award in 2013. Tattoo Baker’s ’cake portfolio’ is impressive. It includes a sea ship, a multi-tier wedding cake. But swinging or carousel cakes set them apart in the world.

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