Canada’s top doctor COVID-19 sex advice Wear a mask during sex

‘Wear a mask while having sex’, advice from Canada’s top doctor

Cases of coronavirus around the world are increasing at night, not during the day, like a fairytale prince.

That is why the governments of all countries are advising their citizens to wear masks and observe social discrimination.

It is generally advisable to wear a mask when going to public places, but Canada’s top doctor has given a very different kind of advice for wearing a mask.

One of Canada’s top doctors, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. “Keep wearing a mask while having sex,

” said Theresa Tam at a news conference, talking about young people dating in Corona and the need for sex education.

Talking about this, Doctor. “Sexual health is just as important as our overall health,” said Theresa.

But in the time of covid-19, sexual intercourse creates a very strange situation. This is especially confusing for those whose partners are at high risk for Covid-19. ‘

Dr. According to Theresa, in such a situation, it is very important for the partner to take all the necessary precautions for safety from Covid-19.

So they should be very honest about this issue and if they feel any minor symptoms, they should draw the partner’s attention to it.

Of course, Dr. All of Theresa’s advice is aimed at Canadian couples. But it is applicable to people all over the world.

According to him, people in this condition should also reduce their alcohol consumption.

This is because the risk of making unsafe sexual decisions under the influence of alcohol or other drugs increases.

Research so far has shown that coronavirus is unlikely to be transmitted through human semen or vaginal fluid.

But even the most intimate situations, such as sexual activity or even kissing with a new or stranger, pose a risk of coronavirus infection.

‘ Theresa Tame advised people to avoid kissing or face-to-face contact during sexual intercourse.

He went on to say, “I am convinced that Canadians will find ways to become intimate even if their risk of corona virus infection is kept to a minimum.”

Dr. According to figures provided by Theresa Tame, 1.29 million cases have been reported in Canada so far,

of which 88.5 per cent have been cured. An average of 490 cases are being reported every day in Canada in the last seven days.

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