The best flexible silicone gel pads

No need to buy a phone holder, portable and flexible silicone gel pads can be filled with mobiles for online workout and cooking

  • Silicone gel pads can be used on any surface such as glass, wall, tiles, car dashboard or wood
  • It is high temperature resistant, meaning it does not melt at high temperatures and does not change shape

If you want to see the navigation on the phone while driving a car or bike, you have to have a phone holder for this.

So, the map can be seen by fitting the phone in it. But with this holder the space is occupied and at the same time there is a danger of it breaking as it is made of plastic.

One of its negative points is that it cannot be used everywhere and changing its place frequently is also a headache as it has to find a place to fit.

If you are also facing this problem and are looking for the option of a phone holder, then you should buy a silicone gel pad to hold the phone. Let us know what is this silicone gel pad, what are its advantages and how much it costs.


What is a silicone gel pad?

This is not[portable and flexible silicone gel pads], an electronic gadget but a product made of polyuzen (PU) rubber.

These are sticky and flexible, sticking easily to any surface.

This works on the vacuum mechanism.

The silicone gel pad is designed in such a way that after sticking to the surface, it creates a vacuum inside it and then any gadget i.e. phone, tablet can be held on it. It can be used from both sides.

Benefits of silicone gel pads?

  1. It is very small. Being portable it can be easily carried anywhere from the pocket.
  2. It can be used on any surface such as glass, wall, tiles, car dashboard or wood. But the surface needs to be flat and smooth.
  3. The special thing is that it can be removed from the surface when the work is completed. And it doesn’t leave any marks or stickiness.
  4. These are washable. This means that it can be used for a long time by washing it frequently with water.
  5. These are high temperature resistant. That is, it does not melt even at high temperatures and does not change its shape.
  6. Its grip is so strong that it can lift a weight of one to two kilos after sticking.

Where can this gelpad be used?

  1. Portable and flexible silicone gel pads used anywhere in car dashboard, steering, pillars, door glass, seats. Being sticky, it sticks anywhere.
  2. If you want to watch a recipe or a movie on YouTube while cooking, you can stick the tiles on the wall in the kitchen, on the fridge, on the wooden door and fill the phone in it.
  3. It can be glued to the wall or glass while working out at home.
  4. Even if you want to watch a movie in your free time, you can put a phone or tablet on the wall of your room.
  5. Note- It can be used on glass, wood, tiles. But before using it is important to make sure that the surface is clean as, this gel pad does not work on lime wall, paper, rough surface or granular surface.
Silicone gel pads Price

It has a very wide range available on e-commerce platforms. It is available in various designs, shapes and sizes. The silicone gel pad starts at $4 on Amazon, while it starts at Rs $60 on amazon.

One of the best silicone gel pads

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