How Does An Obd Scanner Work? Why Buy? Know Its Advantages And Value

OBD Scanner: Now the mechanic can’t grab your money by lying! By installing this device in the car, the app will tell which part of the car has the problem and also give the mileage information.

  • OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics car’s ECU (engine control unit).
  • The OBD app provides information including mileage and coolant temperature

Many times you have to repair the car heavily. Even for small faults, the mechanic takes a small amount. The mechanic has to give whatever money he wants because he doesn’t know about the mechanical problem, but now you can be smart and know if the mechanic has taken the money for the work as per the requirement. You can be smart by installing OBD i.e. on board diagnostic device in your car. This device gives real time information of mechanical defects of the car. So you can find out which part of the car has the problem and avoid paying extra to the mechanic. So let’s understand what an OBD device is and how it works …

What is an OBD Scanner device?

OBD Scanner stands for Onboard Diagnostic. This is a diagnostics device. It provides information about the problem inside the car. It reads the car’s ECU (engine control unit). Usually all cars have an ECU, even at an authorized service center the ECU uses a special device to collect data.

How does OBD scanner work?

The OBD has to be attached to a given socket near the fuse box. These sockets are in different places in each vehicle. The device then has to be connected to a mobile phone. Comes for different devices for Android and iOS. Some even support Bluetooth, some even WiFi.

An app (for example Torque) needs to be installed after connecting the phone. The OBD device will collect from the ECU can be seen on the phone. It includes information on speed, trip, mileage, coolant temperature and any faults in the car.

Real time data can be viewed only after turning on the car’s ignition to view information on the app. You can repair the car according to whatever any fault shows on the app.


Who should buy OBD and why?

This device is a good option if you want to get real time data to know the problem of your car.

This device that provides real time data is useful for people who do not know the information including mileage in their car. This device also states the mileage of the last trip.

There is no point in installing this device if you cannot solve minor mechanical problems automatically.

This device does not support cars manufactured before 2010.

The user will see information like this on the app. The interface may vary by app.
OBD Price

This device is an affordable device. It is available on the amazon site with a starting price of $65 to $300. Its price may vary depending on the company.

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