Are Swedish Prisons better than US Prisons?

There is a noticeable difference between Swedish Imprisonment and United States imprisonment

Sweden disagrees that the threat of imprisonment can discourage crime except for drunk and drive, white-collar crimes or anything that that leads to clear danger to public safety. Such thought process is the prime reason of zero tension in prisons of Sweden.

The United States, on the other hand, locks up lawbreakers at more than triple Sweden’s rate.

Some of the other differences are as below

1. Size and simplicity. Sweden’s small size simplifies communications. It has one criminal code, one correctional system. The US has numerous criminal codes and hundreds of separate correctional systems – federal, state, city, county.

2.Policymaking. In Sweden, policy for each segment of the criminal justice system is set by an interdisciplinary committee drawn from unions, allied professions, and the public. Corrections has a say in police business, and police play a part in correctional policymaking. According to Bronstein, nothing like this exists in the US, apart from legislative oversight committees.

3.Leadership. Unlike US corrections commissioners, most of whom are appointed by state governors, and who last – according to recent studies – an average of about two years, Sweden’s commissioners have the tenure needed for effective planning and leadership. Appointed by Sweden’s minister of justice, they serve for six years.

Sweden’s correctional system is one of the three best . . . in the world,” together with those in Denmark and the Netherlands, according to Alvin Bronstein, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Prison Project.

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