what does ara ara mean

ara ara has many meanings. But mainly Ara Word originated from Japan. used the word to show a shocking event in Japan. Like a woman showing her reaction to a sad thing. Then uses Word.

Many more characters than Word were also prevalent. In which Mutsumi Otohime is a very well known character.

People chose this as it depicts the sound of sex to certain characters.

He used such words to show his reaction and to present a shocking face.

what is ara ara ?

Spoken to give a reaction as oh dear(あらあら) in Japan. word used to describe a reaction to a tragic event in Japan. And the word ら ら あ ら is also used to show a reaction of happy mood. In earlier times it was often spoken. But now we do not confirm whether it is spoken or not.

Many cartoon characters also became more popular than the use of Ara Ara Word. And there was a lot of discussion about whether it was sex sound.

ara ara meaning actual

Ara ara word spoken to react in sadness and happiness. Like the reaction of a teacher when a little boy gives a rose to his teacher and the teacher reaction is oh dear. Ara ara is spoken as in Japan.

meaning in english

many meanings in English. Such as ooh la la, dearie me, dear lord, dear me, deary me, gee, golly, good gracious, good heavens, goodness gracious, gosh, no way, oh my, gracious sakes, gee whiz, well, gesundheit, phew, wow, whew,googness, heavens, jeepers, my word, my goodness, oh, gracious,why, blimey, my oh my, my my, my lord, my oh my oh my, heavens to betsy, my, well well well, whoa, wowsers, jeez, wowser, wowzah, wowzer, yikes, wowee etc.

opposite of ara ara

There are so many opposites of Ara Ara. Such as disagreeable, i do not care, i’m not impressed etc.

meaning and all character

ara ara characters

The famous character is like this. kurumi, pieck, hololive, atago, hinata, kurumi tokisaki, lucoa, loli, jotaro, train sauce etc.

ara ara intensifies

meme , intensifies

best ara ara

best compilation


One of the best character in this kurumi. people also like both kurumi and akeno. Every waifu that says ara ara is automatically a best waifu Akeno and Kurumi. looks up ‘ara ara’ spelt backwards is ‘ara ara’. i’ve found the cure for aids, cancer, and world hunger. When the prey hears “Ara Ara” it knows that it cannot escape..

ara ara make me think this is actually your hentai cause she says “Oh my” a lot, and it intensifies deeply and you start to become high as hell.


And then Atago ara ara pulled out a comically fast rudder, the funniest shit you ever seen. You know she is great when she has stood the test of time better than most. Just a reminder: AL Atago, when being the first one to detect enemies, actually goes “ara~? enemy force detected, you know”

one comment says ” I started playing just two months after the ARP Event, i was in love with that ARP Takao but, unfortunately, i couldn’t get her, so i bought the Atago instead, she was my first premium, but one day, many years after, wargaming decided to bring back the ARP Ships… and I bought the ARP Takao, yep, i own 2 Atagos

And the awesome reply with Ha! I knew there had to be another one like me, I bought the regular one years ago because I heard a lot about it (I live close to her wreckage) and it looked very interesting (a tiny BB sort of thing with huge guns for a “cruiser”). Later when the last promo came along I already loved the darn thing so much and when I saw how cool it was in the anime I just went fug it and got another Spee.


Funny comments one of the says AOT fans: Mikasa is the hottest female character in the show Pieck: Challenged accepted!!! As soon as Pieck appeared first in her human form with that, “Porco” I instantly converted from Mikasa simp to Pieck simp.

The second I heard her say it in the show I just thought “ah this isn’t gonna go well”.

Not going to lie I was so enraptured with what was happening in the show I actually missed this when it happened lol.