Apple’s Innovation: Apple opens the world’s first floating mobile store; Looks like a football in the water and changes color according to the atmosphere, understand in 7 pictures why this store is special

  • The glass interior of Apple’s new store is equipped with custom baffles
  • Apple opened its first retail store in 2017 on Orkad Road in Singapore

Tech giant Apple has inaugurated the world’s first floating retail mobile store. This store looks like a dome and its special thing is that it floats in the water. The design of the new store is inspired by the Pantheon of Rome. The store has 150 employees familiar with 23 languages ​​from around the world. The store is located on Apple Pepper Sands in Singapore. This place is one of the most iconic places in Singapore. Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted information about the store.

apple new floating store

The Apple Sands Bay Sands store is the world’s first floating store. The store looks like a football floating in the water from a distance. It has been open to the general public since September 10. According to the company, customers will get a new experience by coming to this store.

The structure of this store made of glass is self supported. The Apple Sands Bay Sands store is made up of a total of 114 pieces of glass. It uses only 10 narrow vertical molecules for connection. The view of this store floating in the water is wonderful.

The glass interior of this store is equipped with custom baffles. The glass is attached to each other in such a way as to give a lighting effect at night. Trees have also been planted inside the store. A person standing in line looking at it can calm his mind.

The information about how the customer can see different products in the store can be obtained from the person staying in the store. Customers will also be able to enjoy beautiful views of the two sands of pepper.

Apple’s new store employs 150 people who speak 23 languages. The store also has a video wall. Through it, Apple will provide a ‘Today at Apple’ platform to local artists, singers and other creative people in Singapore.

Apple opened its first retail store on Orcade Road in Singapore in 2017. According to reports, the store is also the first store to open in Southeast Asia. Apple’s Two Sands Store, which opened to the public on September 10 in Singapore, is Apple’s 512th store worldwide.

Apple said the company has been operating in Singapore for more than 40 years. It started with Ang Mo Kio First Corporate. Since then, Apple has strengthened itself in the corporate and retail sector. The Apple ecosystem supports more than 55,000 jobs. The company currently employs more than 1 million people worldwide.

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