101 Facts about the USA – The 1st Series

World’s oldest surviving federation, the United States is a highly developed country and is the world’s largest economy.  While Most Americans claims to be well versed with their country’s history, the fact is that there is lot beyond the history books. We are introducing a series to disclose 101 of such odd facts about USA, this being the first of 25

  1. John Adams and his wife were the first to Live In the White House, not George Washington, the First President
  2. President’s job is the Deadliest Job in the Country.
  3. Independence Day happened on 2nd July and not on July 4th
  4. The Original Declaration of Independence is more than one in number
  5. Eight of the 56 Signers Were British in the Declaration of Independence,
  6. The Average American Throws Away 4.4 Pounds of Trash Daily
  7. There Are More Cows Than People in Some States,
  8. The Tallest President Was Abraham Lincoln
  9. The Oldest President to Serve Was Ronald Reagan
  10. The Statue of Liberty Isn’t In New York
  11. Americans Eat About 100 Acres of Pizza Each Day
  12. Atlantic City Has the World’s Longest Boardwalk
  13. California’s State Animal Doesn’t Exist in California
  14. The Original Capital of the United States Was Philadelphia
  15. Harvard Was the First University in the United States
  16. The United States’ Debt Per Person Is $54,000
  17. Abraham Lincoln Is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.
  18. Lincoln Created the Secret Service the Day of His Assassination
  19. Paul Revere Never Actually Shouted, “The British Are Coming!”
  20. The U.S. Government Poisoned People During Prohibition
  21. The First Face of the $1 Bill Wasn’t Washington

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